MEASURES COVID2021-06-13T14:21:31+00:00

At the InFest we take everyone’s safety very seriously. That is why we have adopted a series of measures to ensure that we can all enjoy the Festival as cool as a cucumber!

We will have hydroalcoholic gel so that you can sanitize your hands at any time.

We kindly ask you to assist with your mask and to wear it at all times when safety distance cannot be guaranteed, as established by current regulations.

We also request that you leave a minimum safety distance between groups when you are not coming together. We have changed to a larger space and limited the accesses to guarantee distances, there is space for everyone!

This year, we will have to suspend the activities which were held before the Festival: we will not have the Horror Shops nor will there be makeup for the attendees.

We will not have a bar service either, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks to the event. Of course, only on the condition that you throw the litter afterwards at the garbage collection points so you do not make Greta cry!

And finally, and knowing that it is the most difficult request, we ask that you refrain from kissing the cockroaches this year! Next year you will be able to kiss them as much as you want!

And remember, if you have symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case, stay home and contact the health authorities.

We appreciate your collaboration! See you at the InFest!