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The adverts

Although we started in a rather discreet way (to put it mildly), over the years Infest has been taking a liking to advertising. We could even say that it has become a tradition and a challenge that we have tried to overcome year after year.

For all this, we think that these little shorts that we have enjoyed doing so much can not be lost in time … like tears in the rain. And for that reason, it’s time to share them.





2022 was Poltergeist film aniversary. We wanted to pay tribute to it, in our own way. In our small remake we wondered who was pulling the strings there.


A better apocalipse is posible

In 2021 we were immersed in the monotony of the mask. At the same time, Mad Max 2 was having the aniversary. So we chose to do something apocalyptic Cyberpunk inspired. Our protagonist, the great Bob of the Sickness Suicide band, insists on living in a post-apocalyptic world … even though this is not what he expected.


Infest become a tradition

In 2020 we were 5 years old and neither Covids nor suffocating rules could prevent us from celebrating it. We became a Rubí tradition at the height of the elephant Bodum, the Castellers or the Esbart Dansaire, so we invited them to the party. A Festa Major with a lot of blood. An InFest Party.


Life is so Gore!

Interestingly, there are things in life that are much more gore than gore in itself. For example to execute the person in charge of the art in his own creation. Or nail Sergi Estella to the cross. It’s raining bloody bowels of  cats and dogs!


Common (?) people

In Rubí we can boast of many things (and they will all be a lie), but if we can’t boast of one, it’s normal. In our first big “overproduction”, the producer La Lombarda from Rubí puts all its machinery already well fattened. And what a voice Maki has! Ah! And how we miss the involuntary controversy!


Cockroaches in the fridge

In 2017 we introduced conductors to the festival. The now legendary roaches of the festival were probably making their first appearance; cold… calculated… cute… Guindilla is always a guarantee of something, we still don’t know which one, but time to time!


Don’t let them tell you

Our first year, our first festival. We hadn’t even considered to have a decent spot. We came up with an inspiring attack and half emulating Mundo viejuno (spanish tv parody based on dubing again old series), half aspiring to the innate talent of Rafa Dengràs of Fantosfreak (Cerdanyola festival which inspired us) in his mythical entries, this came out to us. When you are 0 years old you have 0 experience.