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Infest is back, this time with no reservations! And the bar is back as well! With food service, and live music! ROCK AND ROLL!…


Is Rubí the city of color? Of lights and Primavera? Or the city of photography, of cinema, jazz, blues, folk… At Infest we would say that it is the city of paranormal phenomena, things seem to move on their own because they are moved by little green men who work their asses off to make things happen! Rubí is this room! If those green men get tired of it and the party is over, the room will be just a bedroom once again .


We are proud of this year’s official selection! 20 short films from around the world where nothing is missing: there is a lot horror, fantasy, humor and as always a lot of (and very good!) animation. A pleasure to be able to enjoy with you the next 8th and 9th of July!

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Premis Fora de Pla

This will be the fourth edition but the Arkam Awards have changed their name to Fora de Pla. We will be able to see a selection of the best audiovisual works from all over the Vallès area. In this exciting event you will enjoy good cinema and get to know the directors of the selected works. Don’t miss it! These are the Oscars of the Vallès. Dress code: Oscars style!

Concerts are back!

On Friday at 9 pm we will have the pleasure of having Sickness Suicide. The singer/bassist may be familiar to you if you are following us, because he starred in the 2021 ad. Spoiler alert: if you are thinking about finding your seat during the concert, be aware that it could be complicated for you, because the Sickness Suicide concerts are quite interactive. We are also presenting a matinee concert! On Saturday at noon, with a Rubí classic artist, so classic for us that we allowed ourselves the luxury of crucifying him in 2019. He is a monster and as such we should adopt him. Sergi Estella, yes

The jury

This year’s jury is composed of the director of  R.I.P., one of our audience’s favorite shorts, an award-winning producer and in additton… the girl from Medeiros at REC movie?!… and the alien from Alien The Covenant?! …And Mama’s monstrous mother?!… All at once?! Such a fucking luxury!

Jury 2022

Members of the TAC

Catalonia is full of people who like blood, as well as great emerging talents who make it possible for these gut addicts to get their fix. We are a cult, and it is curious that despite our black tastes we are probably the healthiest one. That is why we are very proud to be part of the TAC (Terror Arreu de Catalunya), the association of festivals that annually awards the best Catalan short films. The TAC are 13 festivals (at the moment) Together we hang out, support each other and drink a lot of beer (we won’t say which one because we’ve never gotten sponsorship). If you want to know more, check out their facebook!

Theese are the plattforms we use for recieving the shorts


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