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Saturday 18th


Spain Javier Chavanel

Borja meets Sara’s parents. A delicate and even uncomfortable moment. The best solution: smile and wait for it to happen quickly.

One left

Austria Sebastian Doringer

Several patients wait in a doctor’s office to hear the results of tests on their lifespan. In most cases, the expected time is not the time they expected.


Spain Álvaro Vicario

In his own house, José faces a lot of paranormal phenomena. Only by finding out the reason for these events can you regain control of your home.


Netherlands Niels Bourgonje

A girl learns that she has a match with a stranger on a dating app. She begins to be afraid, because the man seems that he could be very close to her.


Spain Units Pol Diggler

The life of a young student is broken when an evil presence takes over her body. Her mother will ask a strange doctor for help and together, they will try to find out how to save her.


Australia Michael Shanks

An animated stop-motion skeleton takes drastic action when it learns that the movie it was created for a long time ago is being remade.


France Arnaud Prochasson

Near-death experiences or imminent death (E.M.I.) experiences are perceptions of people who have nearly died or who have experienced clinical death and have survived. A distressing sequence shot.

Dinosaurs: the true story

France Paul-Louis Aeberhardt

A giant asteroid is heading towards Earth. On earth, JASA (Administration of Aeronautics and Jurassic Space) is prepared to prevent disaster.

A little taste

Spain Víctor Català

A girl runs away disoriented through the forest. It seems that something is threateningly chasing her. Upon reaching a small clearing, another girl is found playing alone on a swing …

Chicken of the dead

France Julien David

Bernard Lepique is the CEO of «Quasi», a company specialized in chicken production. Today, Bernard presents his new product, but nothing goes as planned.

La última navidad del universo

Spain David Muñoz i Adrián Cardona

December 25th next year. Humanity has gone to hell, but Santa Claus must bring toys to good children.