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Saturday 9th

The Relic

 J.m. Logan


Here people shout a lot. Everyone is bleeding. Then there’s a giant beast that has more layers than an onion, but not more than Shrek. Shrek has many more layers. Three shorts like this would have to be made to be able to see all the layers of Shrek.

Alcanzar el vórtice

Pedro Poveda


An alien comes to visit us and tells us who we are. And it does it with a more handsome cell phone than any shitty iPhone you can carry in your pocket.


Iván Sainz-Pardo


It is very tough to imagine the casting of this one. “We are looking for a boy and a girl, both GREAT LOOKING. Also a very ugly girl. Meals included (Not for the ugly one).”

Ghost dogs

Joe Cappa


Why do these ghost dogs have human hands? Discover the answer and send it to

Point five

Sam Turner


Don’t take drugs. And if you do, do it consciously. Look for a good dealer. On the wrong side of the tracks there is a very good one. His name is Johnny the Knife. I’ll give you his number.

Wall #4

Lucas Camps

The Netherlands

If the story of this short film was real the InFest committee would have pasted away before the second edition.

Leopoldo el del bar

Diego Porral


Some bars are gonna close forever, but they will never stop us from flying like doves: like rats in the sky. Spoiler alert: This short is super-sweet and there is an Argentine who never stops talking, like all Argentines. Hugs, boludooos!

Old Hag

Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin


My mother-in-law is wonderful, but there are some disgusting in-laws. Join us on this journey with the poor son-in-law in a lively adventure where we will find wizards, shrunken heads and very angry dolls.


Juan De Dios Garduño Cuenca


I suspect the woman in this short has taken more childbirth preparation classes than the entire InFest audience together. She is like a machine! The hospital room could be refurbished, of course.

La Luz

Iago De Soto 


The price of electricity (la luz in spanish) is scary, isn’t it? The sequel to this short is called “The Gasoline” and there is some reggaeton music in the background.


Chris Mcinroy


A beautiful and bucolic short that shows us a quiet and serious office. There are some few minor troubles among the workers, of course, but the director has managed to solve it as we would here in Rubí: with threats and fight meetings after work.