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Thursday 16th


Terrassa Joan Paüls


The relationship of a young blind couple is affected when the boy brings unexpected news.


Rubí Rubén Seca i Marc Algora

Drama, animation

A Rose of Jericho chats with his friend the Cactus about the injustice of his lack of decision-making power.

Las Edades de Príapo. Cuentos de hoy, cuentos de siempre

Rubí David Gracia


From the intersection between genders, the aim is to shed light on role standards through female sexuality shaped by the male gaze.


Sabadell Héctor Romance

ThrillerSigur wants to surprise the guests at his birthday party, but nothing will happen as he had planned.

Madre reflejo

Sabadell Aleix Masferre


Helena receives Enrique’s visit after many years of his disappearance.


Rubí Alba Farrés

Horror, comedy, musical

When something unknown disturbs a young couple’s dream, they can only do one thing …