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1. Short films of any nationality and language can participate.

2. Any person can participate. There is no age restriction for submissions.

3. Each filmmaker may submit more than one work but only one work per author may be selected.

4. Submitted short films have to be of fiction genre, containing FANTASTIC, FREAK, SCI-FI and/or HORROR elements.

5. Short films cannot exceed 15 minutes (credits included).

6. Short films with commentary or dialogue in languages other than Spanish or Catalan must be subtitled or dubbed in Spanish or Catalan.

7. Short films that do not have technical characteristics required for a good visualization will be rejected.

8. Short films produced during and after year 2016 will be admitted.

9. Works already submitted in previous editions will not be accepted.

10. The deadline to submit short films ends on April 26th, 2020.

11. The works must comply with the following technical requirement: (i) digital format with resolution equal or higher than 720p in AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc. video format, (ii) with the video codified in H264 and (iii) the audio in AAC.
Short films can be sent online through a hosting file service. In that case, the download link has to be sent to the e-mail infest.rubi@gmail.com.
It also can be uploaded in platforms such as MOVIBETA, FESTHOME, CLICK FOR FESTIVALS i FILMFREEWAY., etc.

12. Shipping cost are contestant responsibilities.

13. The Festival organization and its jury will be responsible of selecting the short films that will contest and those who will be awarded.

14. The Festival organization will give the following awards:

a) Jury Award to “Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2020” endowed with €1,000.

b) Jury Award to “Almost Best Short Film InFest Rubí 2020” endowed with €250.

c) “Public Award InFest Rubí 2020” endowed with €250.

Prize money will be made via bank transfer. The Festival organization will not cover any fee of wire transfers to bank accounts outside the EU countries.

The winners will be announced at the end of the screening of the short films, during the closing gala ceremony on Saturday 11th of July.16. Jury’s verdict is fully irrefutable. The organization can decide to state no winner in any category.17. The organization can use short film fragments to broadcast indefinitely the festival in any media with non-commercial use.18. All works will be part of the Festival’s video library and may be shown for non-commercial cultural and /or educational activities.

19. All the short films produced in Catalonia submitted to the 5th edition of the InFest automatically will opt for the TAC Award granted by the Federation of Terror Cinèfiles Entities “Terror Arreu de Catalunya”.

20. Entering a short film to the InFest implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Any situation or incidence not provided in these Terms and Conditions will be solved by festival criteria. InFest will not be responsible of intellectual property rights infringement of the short films presented.